Kathryn Shamleffer

Kathryn Shamleffer

Chief Operating Officer

Kathryn Shamleffer, Chief Operating Officer of Helm Point Solutions is a Maryland native and educated with a degree from the University of Maryland. Kathryn’s career has been an investment in the success of Maryland, its businesses, its students, its government and the government entities that reside here in Maryland. She has worked within the commercial and intelligence space using best practices from each to deliver awareness, success and growth for each organization.

Kathryn has been a catalyst for repeatable processes, transforming Helm Point offerings in Maryland to primes and customers in Virginia, Delaware, Washington, DC and Georgia.

As the COO, Kathryn has delivered a critical mix of product and services knowledge to the Helm Point team and their customers. Ms. Shamleffer continues to practice her craft at Helm Point Solutions where she has focused on building a strong back office infrastructure to support the future growth of the organization.

When Kathryn isn’t keeping our operations propelling forward, she can be found spending time with her family enjoying the outdoors either on the water, cycling or on her farm.