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Why Partnering with Helm Point Hardens National Security

As the world becomes increasingly dependent upon technology to navigate the day-to-day, the risks become greater. Outside forces seek to destabilize, and therefore gain control over, cyberspace. Through these attacks the goals of our society become compromised. Never before has protecting the security of information technology been more important to National Security, and the security of our citizens.

Partnering with Helm Point empowers organizations to navigate the national security landscape with confidence. Our expertise in cybersecurity risk management, NIST compliance, and CMMC certification enables us to help organizations remain compliant and continue to fortify cyber defenses in the best interest of our nation’s security.

The Role of Cybersecurity in National Security

To truly grasp the importance of national security, one must understand the critical role that cybersecurity, NIST compliance, and CMMC play in safeguarding our nation. In an increasingly interconnected world, the protection of sensitive information and the prevention of cyber threats are paramount.

Cybersecurity, at its core, focuses on defending our digital infrastructure from malicious actors seeking to exploit vulnerabilities. By implementing robust cybersecurity measures, we fortify our nation’s defenses, thwarting potential cyberattacks that could compromise vital systems and disrupt the functioning of our government, military, and critical infrastructure.

The Next Step with National Security

NIST compliance, short for National Institute of Standards and Technology, sets forth comprehensive cybersecurity frameworks and guidelines. By adhering to NIST standards, organizations establish a baseline for managing cybersecurity risks effectively. These standards facilitate the identification and mitigation of vulnerabilities, ensuring that our systems remain resilient and impervious to cyber threats.

Furthermore, the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) takes national security a step further. This unified standard assesses the cybersecurity capabilities and practices of organizations involved in the defense industrial base. By requiring CMMC certification, the Department of Defense ensures that its contractors meet stringent cybersecurity requirements, reducing the risks associated with potential breaches of sensitive information.

Comprehensive cybersecurity measures, NIST compliance, and CMMC certification collectively work in harmony to mitigate risks and bolster the security posture of our nation. By prioritizing cybersecurity, organizations are better equipped to identify and address vulnerabilities within their networks, minimizing the potential for unauthorized access and the loss of critical data.

In a digital landscape brimming with evolving threats, it is crucial to constantly evaluate and improve your risk profile. Cybersecurity, NIST compliance, and CMMC not only safeguard our national interests but also enhance the trust and confidence that the United States inspires on a global scale.