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Implementing Cybersecurity: A Step by Step Guide

In this article, Helm Point will guide you through the steps for implementing a commercial cybersecurity framework.

An Eight-step Implementation Process

Follow these eight steps to implement a cybersecurity framework:

  1. Prioritize.Write an objective and list out strategic priorities.
  2. Identify.Identify systems, assets, and related operations.
  3. Create Your Current Profile.Create a map of your current cyber risk management practices.
  4. Assess Your Risks. Assess your vulnerabilities and potential risks. Conduct a thorough audit of your systems, networks, and data to gain a comprehensive understanding of your security needs.
  5. Create Your Target Profile.Create a map of your desired profile that includes but is not limited to outcomes and unique risks.
  6. Find Profile Gaps.Compare target and current profiles. Implement robust security measures and protocols to bridge the profiles.
  7. Develop a Cybersecurity Plan. Based on the findings from the risk assessment, create a detailed cybersecurity plan tailored to your business. Outline key objectives, strategies, and implementation timelines to ensure a systematic approach.
  8. Repeat Steps 1 – 7 Above. Monitor and reassess all steps.
Helm Point helps you navigate and implement a Cybersecurity plan.

CISA Cybersecurity Framework Implementation Guidance