Physical Threat Security Services

Onsite threat management. Helm Point Solutions specializes in a variety of force protection, anti-terrorism, and security support capabilities that you can trust will keep your employees and facility safe so that you can focus entirely on the mission at hand.

Helm Point is Taking the Right Tack® with physical threat security.
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Protecting Personnel and Facilities

Security is around the clock priority, and as such, we are devoted to providing high-quality security to your facility, systems and employees at all times of the day, every day of the year. Our professionally trained, experienced, and highly skilled staff accurately assess risks and vulnerabilities to make quality recommendations to protect personnel and facilities. Our company has proven success in delivering risk-managed security solutions. Risk can be greatly reduced by layering options and there is no one-size-fits-all answer for any of our customers. This is why our professional staff performs assessments and tailors our solutions based on your specific needs. Our proven management oversight, coupled with gold-standard training and experience is why we’re known for Taking the Right Tack® in keeping trouble away.

Classification Management

Security Training

Industrial Security

Security Escorting & Monitoring

SCIF Management & Accreditation

Construction Security

Personnel Security

Offering security clearance processing, personnel for access control to facilities and/or events, among many other security roles for which Helm Point encompasses.

Access Control

Helm Point Solutions has a strong team of access control officers ready to deliver customer friendly access…

Force Protection

Helm Point helps protect people, facilities, equipment and operations from threats or hazards.

Emergency Preparedness

Helm Point assists business and agencies with emergency preparedness and management.


Helm Point helps government agencies, contractors, and private businesses proactively protect its people, operations, and property.