July 21, 2016

Taking the Right Tack® to Data Science

We provide Data Science and Cloud Engineering/Administration capabilities in the following areas:

Data Science & Cloud Research: Our team supports government-led research and development in several focus areas including high-performance ingest, developing big data analytics and visualizations, and using cutting-edge machine-learning concepts to enhance predictive measures. Our support to this important initiative has led to a number of new innovative technologies in the government sector. That’s about all we can say about this, so if you like research and blazing new trails in cloud computing, this is an area you definitely want to ask us about!

Cloud Infrastructure and DevOps: Helm Point Solutions is an expert in the adoption of cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) implementations for on-premises customers. We understand government needs and develop trusted solutions to tailor commercial offerings such as OpenShift into a platform to meet these specific requirements. We also have experts that have trained and worked side-by-side with Docker developers and architects. Our Docker consultants can answer almost any question about your specific implementation needs or customized container requirements.  We’re preparing a customized training package for implementing Docker within the government ecosystem – stay tuned!

Performance Tuning: So you just took your project to the cloud – congratulations! Wait, now it doesn’t perform as well as you had planned? We tackle problems like this all the time and are comfortable supporting the redesign and optimization of your project for cloud speed and processing. Our support team can perform load testing to determine optimal cluster configurations, fine-tune thresholds for failure and security conditions, and monitor critical resources to audit and resolve issues before they become problems.